General Info

Here is the general info regarding our 2019 conference

Our conference, TEDxNewcastleUniversity will be held at Newcastle University on the 3rd of March 2019. The theme will be ‘Build a Better Future’ and we feel this theme encompasses a myriad of topics. As a team, we believe you will make a good fit to inspire our student body, as well as the wider community. You will be able to share your idea, experience or message during your talk with an audience of intrigued students and the community here at Newcastle.

Our conference, and your talk, will reach a wide range of viewers across the university, city, and the world. This is a part of our three-tier distribution plan:

  1. The conference itself will hold a live audience of 150 attendees, both Newcastle University students and the wider public.

  2. The conference will also be live streamed, which will be seen by hundreds at home, and in designated rooms across the university.

  3. Your talk will then be uploaded onto, where it will be accessible to everyone, with an audience of currently 9.2 million people.

Overall, we believe this is a fantastic opportunity for our students and the TED community to hear what you have to say.

If your application is put forward for our TEDx conference our communications team would like to help you build your TEDx talk by reading your drafts, listening to your final talk and helping you give a great performance on our stage in March. We will work closely with you to provide feedback and help with your body language or nerves on stage by rehearsing and using our skills.

More information about our communications and coordination directors - Meet the Team


Felix, our President, works closely with us to make sure the curation process goes smoothly and has experience in TEDx from last year’s conference.


Ben, our speaker coach, has experience in coaching and public speaking and is very motivated to coach the selected speakers alongside his fellow team members.


Emily, our speaker coordinator, gave her own TEDx talk in 2017 and has experience with public speaking.


If you are interested in reading about last year’s TEDxNewcastleUniversity speakers, don’t hesitate to visit the 2018 conference page to read about them and their talks.