As a society, we aim to facilitate discussions through weekly sessions, workshops, live speakers and collaborations with other societies. Our society embodies TED’s core themes of innovation and inspiration.

Our aim is to unite the best and brightest minds to give talks on ideas from a multitude of topics, to foster creativity, curiosity and wonder – and provoke conversations and spark connections which matter. 

The Speakers' Competition aimed to seek out the brightest minds here on campus, and to bring their ideas to life. We found the innovators. The go-getters. The idea generators. 

And we are giving one the chance to have their idea heard on a platform watched by millions.

The society itself offers endless opportunities to evolve and foster learning - just as long as we don't run out of TED Talks to discuss!

Not only this, but plenty of perks await those who join the TEDx Society:

  • Free entry to all of our workshops and weekly sessions

  • Discounted tickets for our annual TEDx conferences

  • Discounted entry to society socials

Just drop us an email if you wish to join, or sign up here!