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Studying: MBA

Motivation for TEDx: I LOVE TED and TEDx and the ethos of 'ideas worth sharing'. I so enjoy listening to the talks and find them inspirational and thought-provoking.

Favourite Ted Talk: Brene Brown - The power of vulnerability

Interesting Fact: I love finding unusual clothes at Vintage Fairs

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Gabriele LIAU

Vice President

Motivation for TEDx: To engage students and minds alike to explore ideas that can make an impact to the world we live in.

Favourite Ted Talk: Angela Lee - Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

Interesting Fact: I have to add at least one condiment / sauce to all my meals!

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nathan story


Studying: Computer Science

Motivation for TEDx: TED is an acronym for ‘Technology, Entertainment & Design‘, and I’m passionate on the development of a society that promotes new ideas.

Favourite Ted Talk: Matt Walker - Sleep is your superpower

Interesting Fact: I’ve won 3 awards in photography!

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Studying: Computer Science

Motivation for TEDx: I am passionate about TEDx and the slogan "ideas worth sharing", and I would love to help grow this society. I am interested in spreading awareness, exciting ideas, and meeting inspiring people.

Favourite Ted Talk: Tim Urban - Inside the mind of a procrastinator

Interesting Fact: I am currently learning ML and AI!

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paul scurrah

Creative director

Motivation for TEDx: TED is such a useful and powerful movement - everyone can benefit and I hope this TEDx society pushes that as far as possible!

Favourite Ted Talk: Shaun Achor - The happy secret to better work

Interesting Fact: I have met 2 members of the Royal Family, I was a scout leader for 15 years and I run my own creative agency

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zeshan ahmed

curation director

Studying: Medicine MBBS

Motivation for TEDx: Everyone has a plethora of unique and wonderful stories worth sharing. My passion lies in getting people to be the most authentic version of themselves, without prejudicing their experiences – good or bad.

Favourite Ted Talk: Michael Brody-Waite - Great leaders do what drug addicts do

Interesting Fact: Growing up working class, I learnt to play the drill, hammer and chisel, and can build you an extension or staircase for the right price ;)

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Studying: Chemistry

Motivation for TEDx: It creates an amazing community with like minded people who inspire and encourage each other to aim for the better. I think that is the true beauty of TED

Favourite Ted Talk: Shawn Achor - The happy secret to better work

Interesting Fact: I did horse riding for 3 years

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Studying: Modern Languages & Business

Motivation for TEDx: I was always fascinated how ted talks can inspire millions of people in the world and connect them. I believe that TEDx tries to change our world for better by spreading awareness on different topics which tend to be misunderstood in the society.

Favourite Ted Talk: Lauren Singer– Why I live a zero waste life

Interesting Fact: I am a big supporter of the slow fashion movement! I try to shop for all essential items in second hand stores as well as raise awareness among other people.

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Jessica Bialek

Sponsorship officer

Studying: Marketing & Management

Motivation for TEDx: I always feel so inspired by TED conferences and I am now more open-minded after hearing all these amazing speakers

Favourite Ted Talk: Tomislav Perko - How to travel the world with almost no money

Interesting Fact: I used to be a ballet dancer

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Studying: Journalism, Media and Culture

Motivation for TEDx: I love how after watching TED talks you have so many ideas and you feel so motivated that you want to go and change the world immediately.

Favourite Ted Talk: Angelica Dass - The beauty of human skin in every colour

Interesting Fact: For the past two years I've been a volunteer for Equality Foundation organising Warsaw's Equality Parade.

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Eva Fertekova

Design and Stage Support

Motivation for TEDx: I consider TED a great educational tool available to everybody, which makes the world a better place.

Favourite TED Talk: Michael Murphy - Architecture that’s built heal

Interesting Fact: I did a crazy backpacking trip, while hitchhiking, couch-surfing with strangers and getting to know different cultures.

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rohit pahwa

technical manager

Motivation for TEDx: I like to learn new things everyday and support the TEDx team.

Favourite Ted Talk: Harald Haas - Wireless data from every light bulb

Interesting Fact: I am a Technology enthusiast, Gamer, once made a RC car that works with phone and a Youtube fanboy!

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srivats lakshman

logistics manager

Motivation for TEDx: The chance to meet like-minded people and get inspired by the small things, as well as the big things.

Favourite Ted Talk: Bhu Srinivasan - capitalism isn’t an ideology, it’s an operating system

Interesting Fact: As well as writing 5 research papers while doing my UG, I have published over 100 news stories for a local newspaper

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