Meet the Committee

Meet and learn more about the current members of the TEDxNewcastleUniversity society committee here!


Felix Bijoy


Motivation for TEDx: I am fascinated by human potential. I hope through TEDx I can unearth amazing potential and bring it to the forefront through ideas truly worth sharing.

Favourite Ted Talk: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Interesting Fact: I spent a whole summer teaching Science to a class of children from 31 different countries!

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ZEE Howe

vp / Production Manager

Motivation for TEDx: To engage students and minds alike to explore ideas that can make an impact to the world we live in.

Favourite Ted Talk: Angela Lee - Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

Interesting Fact: I have to add at least one condiment / sauce to all my meals!

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Ops / Finance director

Motivation for TEDx: TEDx is about bringing community together irrespective of their personal background to share knowledge and ideas.

Favourite Ted Talk: Jane McGonigal - Gaming can make a better world

Interesting Fact: It fascinates me how games can be a powerful learning tool, so I started making my own when I was 11.

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Aleksandra Radziszewska

marketing director

Motivation for TEDx: I love the fact that there are ted talks about every topic, it doesnt require any specific knowledge to understand the ideas shared so I want to contribute to that

Favourite Ted Talk: Amy Cuddy - Your Body Language may shape who you are

Interesting Fact: I am a scout and love working with children :)

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paul scurrah

Creative director

Motivation for TEDx: TED is such a useful and powerful movement - everyone can benefit and I hope this TEDx society pushes that as far as possible!

Favourite Ted Talk: Shaun Achor - The happy secret to better work

Interesting Fact: I have met 2 members of the Royal Family, I was a scout leader for 15 years and I run my own creative agency

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social secretary

Motivation for TEDx: It makes a variety of topics available to anyone! I find it to be a good starting point when learning about a new idea.

Favourite Ted Talk: Chris Hadfield - What I learned from going blind in space

Interesting Fact: I’ve been skydiving!

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HANNAH bentley


Motivation for TEDx: I believe the most effective form of education is through experiences and anecdotes, as TED talks do.

Favourite Ted Talk: Mel Robbins - How to stop screwing yourself over

Interesting Fact: I love my favourite book so much I still haven't finished reading it (years later) because I don't want it to end!

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Ben maxwell

speakers coach

Motivation for TEDx: For everyone who is passionate about anything, TEDx is a great platform to be heard.

Favourite Ted Talk: David Epstein – Are athletes really getting better, stronger, faster?

Interesting Fact: I went from being in a wheelchair as a kid and unable to walk, to Rowing for Great Britain.

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Emily rolfe

Speakers coordinator

Motivation for TEDx: I want to help the TED community bring people from all corners of the world to spread their ideas, but also bring a diverse range of people together.

Favourite Ted Talk: Sam Berns - My philosophy for a happy life

Interesting Fact: I ran the Marathon des Sables, an ultra marathon of around 250km in the Sahara Desert, at age 16.

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jessica bialek

sponsorships and budgets

Motivation for TEDx: I always feel so inspired by TED conferences and I am now more open-minded after hearing all these amazing speakers

Favourite Ted Talk: Cameron Russell - looks aren’t everything

Interesting Fact: I study marketing and management, am always interested in organizing events, planning and simply working with creative people

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Eva Fertekova

Design and Stage Support

Motivation for TEDx: I consider TED a great educational tool available to everybody, which makes the world a better place.

Favourite TED Talk: Michael Murphy - Architecture that’s built heal

Interesting Fact: I did a crazy backpacking trip, while hitchhiking, couch-surfing with strangers and getting to know different cultures.

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rohit pahwa

technical manager

Motivation for TEDx: I like to learn new things everyday and support the TEDx team.

Favourite Ted Talk: Harald Haas - Wireless data from every light bulb

Interesting Fact: I am a Technology enthusiast, Gamer, once made a RC car that works with phone and a Youtube fanboy!

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srivats lakshman

logistics manager

Motivation for TEDx: The chance to meet like-minded people and get inspired by the small things, as well as the big things.

Favourite Ted Talk: Bhu Srinivasan - capitalism isn’t an ideology, it’s an operating system

Interesting Fact: As well as writing 5 research papers while doing my UG, I have published over 100 news stories for a local newspaper

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