2019 Student Speakers Competition

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Held on 7 December 2018, the Speaker’s Competition hosted by TEDx Newcastle University saw six speakers take the stage to share their bold ideas on how to Build A Better Future.

From the internet of things to ADHD, the competition saw a wide range of topics covered, inviting an audience of around 75 to really envision a better future. With the competition now over, it is time to vote to see which of the six will be lucky enough to take the stage at the 2019 TEDx Newcastle University Conference.

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Ratnu Vaidya

A Single Step

As a Medical student at Newcastle University, Ratnu gave us an insightful talk into his brother’s life being turned upside down by Cerebral Palsy. But despite the adversities and challenges faced with his condition, and with the support of a surrounding family, his brother was able to take his first steps towards a better quality of life; this was demonstrated through a very emotive video of his brother walking for the first time.

 Ratnu’s theatrical presentation, humour, and empathy, were just some of the qualities he displayed during his Speakers Competition talk. A fantastic story to hear for everyone!

Tom Holmes

The Internet of Things: How smart cities will shape a better future

Tom is a Civil Engineering student, and is therefore well qualified to deliver his talk on Industry 4.0, and the future of the cities we currently live in. His talk provided many interesting and relatable examples to the issues in modern day living, and what Smart Cities can provide us for an innovating future. Tom was able to articulate all of the major technical developments impending on us and presented their case for why they would help Build a Better Future.

This was certainly an interesting subject, and Tom presented it professionally, enthusiastically and engagingly throughout. 

Felipe Zapata

Lessons from Macondo

Felipe, having come across from Latin America to study Architecture in the UK, and while working part-time as teacher, has a lot of experiences to share. His subject aimed to teach us all lessons from Third World Countries, such as Macondo, on economical and humanitarian issues. 

Felipe achieved this, and was able to engage the audience so well, that Felipe was able to reveal that Macondo wasn’t a real country, but a theoretical example of a Utopian world that humanises the developing world and its people, and ultimately build a better future.

Celine Gao

Learning with ADHD in a Digital Age

Celine’s talk delved into everyone’s dream of being a superhero, and what it means to have both strengths and weaknesses, such as Kryptonite. Celine’s Kryptonite was ADHD, which impeded her learning in a classroom. Like every Superhero, she was able to overcome this weakness through the modern-day element, Digital Media. Learning online allowed Celine to achieve her dream of studying a Masters at Newcastle University. 

Incredibly, English is not Celine’s first language. For those of you who listened to her talk, this would probably be the first time that is confirmed for you, demonstrating the talent of Celine.

Ramtin Mehraram

The Electrical Activity of the Brain: A New Way to Diagnose Dementia

Ramtin’s experience from studying his PhD in Neuroscience was the centre piece for his talk on Building a Better Future. Ramtin’s goal in his research, and through his TEDx Talk, is to identify ways of detecting electrical activity in the brain, to allow new ways of diagnosing dementia, specifically Lewy Bodies, and make them available to the public.

Ramtin’s talk was not only on a very important topic that could affect millions by the conditions of Dementia, but he delivered it with passion, flare and gave us his personal story into what has brought him to this point today.

Doug Skelton

Music and the art of Rehabilitation

While studying History & Politics, Doug’s main interest is working on his musical project, ‘The Cinema Show’, where he creates music to tell stories, bringing history to life through visual and audio effects. Doug is also a competitive Snooker Player and a member of the Comedy Club.

Doug’s talk on how Music can help everyone escape the world for just a moment provides a method of rehabilitation from contemporary issues. While sharing experiences and examples, including the renowned Tubular Bells, Doug engaged the audience by effectively utilising his charismatic and lively personality.



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