Would you ever…?


Would you ever...? alludes to the limitless. The immeasurable. The infinite. Would you ever...? is designed to celebrate ideas which defy boundaries and break barriers. Would you ever...? is for the nonconformists, the pioneers, the catalysts for change. It aspires to unleash talent, challenging our confines of the real and the possible.


Kevin Felstead

Dr Kevin Felstead is the Director of Communications for the British False Memory Society and joint author of “Justice for Carol – The True Story of Carol Felstead”. Dr Felstead will give a talk into his experience and research into false memories, following the case of his sister Carol, whose memories were eradicated, and mind reordered, through 20 years of protracted psychotherapy. Following her death, the family embarked on a quest for the truth, getting caught up in a frightening conspiracy of silence, misinformation and institutional cover ups, they discovered what really happened to her mind, body and soul..


Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo 

Born in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo is an artist, activist and campaigner. She has worked with many different organisations to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS globally. Her artwork explores her Christian faith, spirituality and black identity. She will continue her art studies for a master's degree in Contemporary Art this year. She has spoken internationally on her experiences of being born with HIV and regarding the AIDS response.


Elena Chatzopoulou

Born and raised in Athens by British mother and Greek father. Elena spent her childhood with her grandmother who taught her about traditional and authentic cooking. Since the age of 8 she started to explore traditional recipes per region as she was often visiting rural areas with her dad, while he was going for hunting and she loved animals! 

Elena holds a BSc and MSc from Greece (Athens University of Economics and Business) and a PhD from Newcastle University. 

When she had to decide for her PhD research, she retraced back to what she loved since she was little. Food! Her research was about Greek ethnic restaurants in the U.K. and the exploration of authenticity, quality and identity aspects. However, as she adores to be creative and follow a fusion cuisine with modern practices (possibly because of her multi-cultural identity), she explored these elements in digital platforms and how eWOM is constructed among communication networks. In her TedX talk she is planning to talk about her identity and her research without really talking about research. Be prepared for a creative interaction as well.


Kyan Kara-Shah

Kyan will tell the story of how women in Rwanda have inspired him to work with students, businesses, academics and entrepreneurs and motivated his team to develop a method of turning banana trees into biodegradable sanitary pads to empower women around the world. He will talk about how we can infuse the energy, creativity and passion of students, with the experience and expertise of academics and entrepreneurs, to create a new model for social change. One where we can help ‘‘shift the world onto a path of inclusive, sustainable and resilient development.”


Nony Mordi-Blair

Everyone has a first time. Do you remember yours? Nony does. She will talk about the first time she took blood from a patient and the story behind student doctors performing procedures on members of the public. Through her work training student doctors, she has begun investigating their interaction with patients and how the public can get involved in medical education, particularly in the design of simulated environments. 


Lysa Morrison

In this captivating and impromptu talk, Lysa Morrison uses audience engagement to demonstrate how our brains work differently. She shows how our versions of reality differ and unravels why we feel and react differently to certain situations, based on how our perceptions are filtered and processed. Lysa Morrison specialise in language and behaviour and have developed a range of tools that she uses in business to support both business and personal growth through coaching, training, consultancy and facilitation.


Paddy McCann

Paddy McCann, AKA "Paddy the Poet", is a locally born, 27-year-old electrician with an absolute passion for poetry! Writing only in whatever spare time he gets between working a full-time job and being a family man, Paddy still manages to impress thousands of people with his love and use of words. Paddy will be performing one of his latest poems entitled: "Newcastle Upon Tyne: Part 1”, which quickly went viral on Facebook. The Poem works its way through the history of Newcastle Upon Tyne brilliantly and touches on many different aspects of the city.